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Want to know how to get your partner to help out more in and around the home from a licensed therapist?

Get the free video training with tools and techniques you can start using today.

More helping, less nagging with Katie

More helping. Less nagging.

Do you find yourself frustrated that the socks are still not in the hamper?

Have you argued with your partner about lying on the couch while there are toys everywhere?

This free training video from a licensed therapist teaches you all the tools you need to get your partner to help out more so you don’t have to waste energy arguing anymore.

In this video, you will…

✔ Learn about inattentional blindness

✔ Learn how to improve connection leading to more teamwork

✔ Learn how to communicate specifically what you need so you feel less frustrated

“Katie’s personal approach and background as a therapist provided such valuable insight into what motivates us and how a few simple changes can make a world of difference.” -Mandy, wife and mom of two

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