The (Mom) Mind Trap – Returning to Work

Returning to work can be daunting. When you become a stay at home mom after working, life changes dramatically. You go from receiving feedback, reporting to a boss or customers, completing daily/weekly/monthly tasks, having accountability and receiving acknowledgments to a much slower paced life. You are now responsible for taking care of a small baby Read More

Moving for Love

Moving For Love Some of us move to Munich for work, others to explore a new city, and there are those who move due to love. Whether you were already married or were in love and moving in together, it can be quite the challenge to leave everything you knew behind for the sake of Read More

A House Divided By Ketchup – Understanding Cultural Differences In A Relationship

My husband and I are considered a “bi-cultural relationship” since I am American and he is German. In the first few years of our relationship, we were somewhat blind to the fact that our arguments were largely due to cultural differences. It wasn’t until a discussion about ketchup that we realized being in a bi-cultural Read More