Welcome to a space that allows you to be a work in progress and not have all the answers.

We often go through life frustrated and disconnected with those around us. It’s not that we do this on purpose, but we have lost sight of how to really connect and enjoy life again. Our “To Do Lists” and “goals” become our focus, meanwhile we leave our relationships and the best version of ourselves behind.

I created Positive Connections to give you the tools and support to having healthy relationships so that you can become the stronger version of yourself. It is a safe place for you to ask difficult questions and, most importantly, see that you are not alone. Which, by the way:

You are not alone.


Take a look around and check out these resource areas to help you take the first steps in improving your life and helping you create healthy relationships: 

There is no cookie cutter approach to helping people strengthen their relationship. What I found, though, is that I was teaching each new client in my practice the same skills guiding them to healthier communication and more positive connections in their lives. It only made sense to make these tools available to others too.

Healthy Relationships are the Key!

Many of those who work with me have realized there is more to life than how they have been living it. They struggle to connect with themselves and others because there is too much on their minds, their hearts, and on their plates. 


healthy relationships - holding hands

I teach tools like how to communicate more effectively, ways to connect when all you’re doing is arguing, and steps to decrease mental, emotional, and physical clutter in your life so you can be more present. These tools create healthy relationships in your life and greater connection.

“Katie’s personal approach and background as a therapist provided such valuable insight into what motivates us and how a few simple changes can make a world of difference.”- Mandy B.