Workshops are a great way to learn skills to improve your relationships in a group setting. When we hear other’s experiences while learning, we tend to be inspired even more to make changes in ourselves and our relationships.

I now offer workshops as web courses on Thinkific.
How to Kid Proof Your Marriage

The Art of Arguing

Love Actually: Learn how to better connect with your partner in a way that they can receive love by their love language (based on the book The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman). Better understand your own needs in relationships as you learn your love language style and how to communicate those needs in a healthy way versus passive aggressiveness. Gather new ideas to show love based on your partner's love language. Learn the importance of building a stronger friendship with your partner as a foundation to weather the challenges that come. Techniques to do so will be provided. This is a two hour workshop.

The Art of Arguing: Learn which of the four arguing styles you tend to have and how to improve it by learning how internal and external factors affect it, how to communicate based on your partner's style of arguing, and how to recognize when you are trying to be effective versus right in the argument. This is a two hour workshop.

How Your Personality Affects Your Relationships:
Learn how things like being more of an extrovert than an introvert or more of a feeler than a thinker impact how you interact with others in a fun and interactive environment. You will learn about the eight different personality characteristics of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and how to recognize others' types to better your communication with them. At the beginning of the workshop, you will take a simplified version of the MBTI in order to apply what you learn specifically to your personality type. This is a two hour workshop.