I attended Katie’s “The Art of Arguing” workshop and I couldn’t say more positive things about it. She took, what I considered to be my biggest fault while arguing, and turned it into my biggest strength in charging how I argue. She was incredibly knowledgeable, non judgemental, a good listener, and incredibly caring. I would recommend this workshop (and already have!) to anyone!

Katie’s workshops provide useful and concrete skills and she is truly passionate about helping you build stronger relationships!

I love Katie’s way of leading you through a workshop – she is very calm, very interested in what everyone has to say, and so so knowledgable! I attended 2 workshops ‘The Art of Arguing’ as well as ‘Love Languages’ and walked away from both of them super motivated and with so many practical ideas on how to improve and strengthen my relationship – many of which I’ve put into practice over the last 2 months. I’m looking forward to more of what Katie has to offer in 2018!

Katie is a great mix of dynamic, friendly and professional. Great to work with!