Premarital Sessions

I strongly believe that premarital work is essential in a couple’s relationship to set a strong foundation for their marriage. When we learn to communicate challenging topics in a healthy manner, we build a partnership that is not easily broken. I work with couples to navigate difficult discussions such as family, sex, money, roles, habits, etc. so that they are not alone in finding solutions or knowing when to take a step back.

Many couples forget the importance of discussing what will change in their relationship once they are legally married. Will you have a joint bank account or keep separate accounts? How many children do you want to have and how will you care for them? What happens if one of your parents becomes ill or needs care? Who will take care of paying the bills? Who will be expected to coordinate family holiday events? The list of questions can be endless but does not have to be overwhelming. By addressing topics such as these ahead of time, both partners can feel more at ease as to what to expect after their wedding vows.

Every couple is different so during our first session we will discuss what areas you would like to work on as you prepare for your marriage. We will meet for three to five (more can be arranged if needed) one hour sessions. The cost per session is 90€ and is paid at the beginning of each session.

Before we set up your premarital session, you will have the chance to ask me questions during a free 30 minute phone call.

To set up your premarital session, contact me.